We are an aspiring microbrew looking to provide Washington with fine craft beer. All of our recipes are hand designed and fine tuned to perfection by us using local ingredients from local companies. Check us out on facebook: hopcrewfacebook

josh Josh Blue coowner of The Hop Crew.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Josh cut his teeth on beers like Rainier and Olympia. It wasn't until beers like Pete's Wicked Ale and Sam Adams that he realized it not only could get you drunk, it could actually taste good!

He picked up his first homebrew set in 2011. The first beer was awful, but it made him more determined to get it right. Three years and many ales later, Josh realized he had a talent for creating recipes for excellent beer. His love of hops made him more convinced an IPA could be made better, with a Northwest style. Tragically Hopped, our flagship, comes from this original recipe.

When a local bar owner contacted him, he realized that his beer was different. Maybe better than what was in the stores. Soon, he had been convinced it was time to build a brewery. He asked his friend, fellow brewer, and co-worker, Quinn if he wanted to work really hard for very little money, and The Hop Crew was born.

quinn Quinn Chalk coowner of The Hop Crew.

Quinn got his first job at the age of 15 as a dishwasher at a family owned French restaurant in Gig Harbor, Wa. From there he worked his way up the ranks up to fry cook. He soon discovered that he had developed a love for cooking. He was fortunate to have a chef from France as his mentor, and learned the importance of using fresh, quality ingredients. He also came to understand that taking shortcuts doesn't pay off if the goal is to produce the best tasting food possible.

Quinn eventually moved on to other restaurants around the Gig Harbor, Tacoma area until he became kitchen manger at the Tacoma Elks lodge. The Tacoma Elks was the largest Elks in the nation with a membership of over 10,000. Quinn was responsible for ensuring the quality of food from 200 people on a consistent basis - up to 2500 on the busiest days.

After 12 years at the Tacoma Elks, Quinn decided it was time to take a break from cooking. He learned carpentry/finishing work and soon took a job at Servrpo as a home restoration tech. Quinn's mother and stepfather also owned a Servpo in Sequim, Wa. When Quinn's stepfather became ill, Quinn moved his family to Sequim so he could help run the business while his stepfather recovered. This is where Quinn met his now-partner Josh.

Quinn's extensive background in culinary arts, and his love for hand crafted beer, made his decision to brew his own beer and easy one. He started with pre-made recipes but quickly branched out and began creating his own. He quickly discovered how much better his own brew was compared to anything that could be found on the market. Now Quinn is focusing his brewing talent on sampling batches and insuring quality and consistency of each keg.

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